13 Common Saree Wearing mistakes Women must avoid

Saree is an attire that makes you look sensual as well as beautiful in the most conventional way. At the same time, it gives you a chance to display your curves like no other clothing.

However, there are various things that you need to take care of in order to look your best in this beautiful Indian attire. If not worn properly, the whole essence of wearing up in a saree may get disgraced.

Little here or there can turn this classic saree drape into a huge disaster. Hence, there are few things that you should avoid when you decide to charm in a saree:

List of 13 Saree Wearing mistakes

Wearing wrong shoes

Wrong shoes selection with saree

  • It would be best to choose wedges, ballerina flats or flip flops to go along with your saree because you will be standing and enjoying the function whole day, you can also choose to wear bling shoes if you want too.
  • Among all the accessories that add virtue to your saree is the footwear that you prefer to wear with saree.

Perfect shoes selection with the right occasions

Avoid Heavy jewelry

Putting heavy mismatch jewllery with saree

  • You need not have an excess of bling when you wear your beloved saree on any special occasion.
  • This will surely get you a good amount of attention, but certainly not in the right way. Go for delicate jewellery like subtle earrings, bracelet for Indian saree, and long sleek chains with small pendants, etc.

Pallu Length and Style

Wrong Pallu Length

  • Some women give attention only to the front part of the saree and just tend to forget about the looks of the pallu at their back.
  • If the pallu is too short, it looks old-fashioned and makes you look a little older. Also if it is too lengthy, it makes you uncomfortable and also you may look a little shorter.
  • Keeping the pallu 5-7 inches below the knees can flaunt the appearance of saree.

Mismatch with the occasion

Wrong style selection with functions

  • You might be having some favorites among the huge collection of your saree but, that does not mean you would wear them irrespective of the occasion.
  • Wearing light-weight and a subtle color saree is not suggested for a formal function like a wedding.
  • Similarly, that shimmery fine fabric enhancing the beauty of your wardrobe is a ‘strict no’ for wearing in the office party.

Adding too many pins

Avoid too many safety pins with saree

  • Make sure that you have managed to hide all the pins behind the fabric, and they do not show up from anywhere.
  • Also, avoid using too many of them on a fragile saree, so that it does not tear apart.

Misfit blouses

Wearing Misfit blouse

  • A loose blouse makes you look old fashioned and outmoded while a too-tight blouse reveals the back fat and also makes you look undefined and unstructured.
  • The blouse should be appealingly made with luxury and skill so that it can truly enhance your saree while glamorizing you.
  • Some of the celebrity mistakes show us how exactly a wrongly fitted blouse can ruin even a most beautiful saree.

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Wrong choice of petticoat

Wrong Selection of Petticoat over saree

  • The petticoat shouldn’t be too long nor too short.
  • Time to Avoid Flared petticoats. Flared petticoats should be avoided as they will make you look fat and shapeless.
  • Avoid Loose petticoats. Loose petticoats will also create folds ruining the looks of your beautiful saree.
  • Avoid Narrow petticoats. If your petticoat is too narrow, it makes you very uncomfortable and you may end up walking like a duck. If it is too loose over the waist, it will get heaped upon tying which can make your waist look fat.
  • Take care that you choose a petticoat of floor-length if you opt to wear high heels and a sheer saree.

Wearing the saree too high or too low

Too high or too low wearing mistake

  • While experimenting with your saree is all the rage now, tying it too high around your waist or too low are both going to make it look less elegant than it is assumed to look and needless to say, ruin the entire look.
  • A saree tied higher than your waistline makes you look like you are from the 50s.
  • Moreover, it can also make you resemble too short then you are, makes your belly look like a pot and lowers your attraction quotient.

Improper Pallu Draping

improper pallu draping

  • Getting the pallu right is the most important part of draping the saree.
  • Whether you’d like to go for steps or you’d like to leave the pallu loose, don’t use too many pins and see that the drape is simple and yet intact.

Carrying the Wrong Bag

Wrong bag selection

  • See to it that your bag is just right for the saree and not too huge.
  • Clutches and potli bags go best along with sarees instead of huge bags.

Heavy Make-up

Wearing too much makeup with saree

  • No matter how well you’ve draped your saree, the wrong make-up can easily ruin the look.
  • Make sure that the eye and lip colors that you choose go along perfectly well with your saree, lest they’re very likely to stand out and make the attire look odd.
  • In any case, try not to over-do the make-up. Too much makeup can make you look like a disco ball.

Saree Length

saree length

  • Your saree should not be too short or too long. It should just touch the floor while making it comfortable for you to walk.
  • It is very important to wear your intended footwear before you start draping your saree.
  • Just make sure that the length of your saree, as well as the petticoat, are floor-length even while you wear your footwear.

Saree pleats

Saree Pleats play major role in saree look

  • Saree pleats should not be heaped up carelessly. If you add too many pleats, your belly may look a little large. Also, too fewer pleats don’t look attractive.
  • It is ideal to create 6-7 pleats measuring about 5-6 inches wide. The pleats should be even in width and should go straight one over the other neatly.
  • Tuck the pleats facing towards your left and slightly towards the left side of the navel. If the pleats are of uneven length, it will not look good at the bottom of the saree.
  • See that you arrange and tuck the pleats evenly.

These are the common sari wearing mistakes we have noticed If you know any other mistakes that women are making while draping saree please mentioned in the comment below.!

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