8 Types of Latest Men’s Wedding Turban & Paagdi designs 2018

The trending Royal Rajasthani destination weddings are not the only types of Indian weddings that require turbans or pagdis, every groom wants to match the pagdi with his look and what simply is in trend.

8 Different Types of Paagdi & Turban for Indian Groom

  1. Rajasthani Turbans

Rajasthani turbans for Indian Groom

Theses have their own lavish and statement look with more twists and turns to make it look large with more embellished brooches. These are worn by Rajasthani grooms or even a groom who has a royal wedding.

  1. Jodhpuri Turbans

Jodhpuri Turbans for Groom

This one is taller in shape and has one side layered and the other in twists but making it steeper as it goes up. A Small brooch is attached to don up the look. Mostly worn over Jodhpuris to add that traditional touch.

  1. Peshwai Turbans


During the rule of Marathas the Peshwas wore their kinds of rounded turband seen in the movie Bajirao Mastani lately which has also been inspiring more of the grooms to pick these kinds of turbans.

Made in contrasting fabric with much embellishment on it.

  1. Royal Turban

Royal Turban

This one must be a style of the princes of India, showing a different look from the long tail left out in the back and brought at the front and left freely.

These are made in soft silk fabrics or tissues too.

  1. Tissue Turbans

tissue turban for grooms

Made in any shape and style with a short tail which allows more comfort and is light weight. The weaving of the tissue adds more style from simple to checks and stripes.

Gives a very modern touch with simple indo westerns or sherwanis for the groom.

  1. Banarasi Turbans

Banarasi Turbans for Groom

Simply made of banarasi fabrics, which have bright colours and golden weaved buttis on these. These have plain layer on one side and other sides have twistings.

The tail may be longer or may have no tail when draped to look like one without it.

  1. Marwari Turbans

Marwari Turbans

These are the traditional kinds also which add colour to the whole outfit with Bandhej fabrics in maroon,red, orange, green , yellow, pink and more to bring out the wedding charm. The brooches are also added to glam the look.

  1. Mewari Turbans

Mewari turbans for Groom

This one is a different look for grooms, it has no tail hanging or no fan end on top. It is smaller and made with small thinner layers instead of twists.

The layers are like pleats overlapped one over the other like stair step.

Below are some Pagri Designs for Groom

Pagri for Groom

Now that we have got to know the kinds of turbans the groom can choose from let’s also check what accessories and jewelry groom needs.

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