Groom Wedding Footwear – Indian Mojari, Sandal, Chappal, Shoes Designs

When it times to purchase groom wedding footwear, we need to think about matching groom clothes and also on Indian wedding occasions.  Groom need to pay attention not only on his wedding clothes, Turban / Pagdi, Wedding Jewelry & Accessories,  Groom also Need to find the best footwear for the wedding occasions.

Groom Wedding Footwear Designs

1. Kolhapuris chappals for Groom

kolhapuri men chappal Groom Wedding footwear

These are chappals originating from Kolhapur which make men footwear in leather or form of leather which have a a toe chappal design and belt in carvings or weaving patterns.

Colors like orange, maroon, browns, beige, white, black are common.

  1. Ethnic Fashion Loafer Design for Groom

Loafers For Groom

A versatile piece of shoes for men, which can be worn over casuals and formals, but with edgy look for indian grooms, try a new version of suede and a embellished motif or weave motif.

This will go well with your indo western, kurtas and any other sangeet wear.

  1. Derby Shoes for Groom

Derby Shoes for Groom footwear

Do invest in these formal shoes which are classic vintage fashion and has become a great trend even in Indian wear to style on these footwear with indowesterns, or waistcoat sets or your coat suits during your receptions or other occasions.

Brown is a safe colour to invest in or tan.

  1. Monkey Strap Shoes for Indian Groom

Monkey Strap Shoes

Another formal and English style of shoe choice to make for the wedding is this leather shoes which comes in a overlapped broad strap like a belt over the foot with buckles.

Wear these for your coat suits or for the royal look in short sherwani style indo western look.

  1. Ethnic Jodhpuri Jutti for Groom

Jodhpuri Jutti for Groom

These are in the traditional form and not like the classic shoes. These are also known as juttis, and can be worn over heavy groom’s attire to the light kurta & pyjama.

Match the loafers style and color as per your clothes from cream, red, maroon, gold, orange, and many more in embellished shades to styles in pointed, curved pointed, belted point and plain rounded point loafers for the Indian groom are trending today.

  1. Punjabi Mojari for Groom

 Punjabi Mojari for Groom

Beautiful elegant traditional all comes together with these kind of mojris which can have strapped tops or flat rounded in phulkari work fabric covering the whole shoe.

Pair this with anything traditional from your pujas to wedding ceremonies.

  1. Sandals for Groom

Sandals for Groom

A basic simple leather skin chappals, which are made in form of ankle belt to be worn as sandals over your kurtas, waistcoat sets, or even kurta pyjamas. Keeping it simple and comforting these are great for wedding occasions.

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