How to Reuse Old Sarees to make Skirts, Lehenga, Gown, Blouse, Dress

This post is all about 8 ways to reuse old saree.

We all have a bunch of Indian sarees from our mom and her mother that are too old to be used or out of fashion but still too valuable to be tossed away at the same time.

Not just because they are made in timelessly old and specific ways and also because they’re so full of memories that we can’t just toss away.

The next time that your mother or grandmother chooses to throw their old sarees away, stop them…because we have some marvellous ideas in which you can revive and re-use old sarees.

Here are some 8 ways listed out to reuse old silk sarees.

1. Reuse Old Saree to make Lehenga Choli:

Convert Saree into lehenga choli
Now, not all people can afford excellent designer wear Lehenga Choli to stay with revolving trends and for some, the brand tag just doesn’t matter.

This way you can save money and you will make memories too. If you already have an old saree that is laying around you can Reuse old saree into lehenga and from left out fabric you can make a dupatta or blouse.

You can also mix and match lots of different outfits with it, that way you don’t need to buy tones of outfit for big fat Indian weddings or any other occasions.

2. Make a Grown from old saree:

Convert into gown from old SareeMake a Logn Grown from old saree
Change your old sarees into long and gorgeous grown or anarkalis. With sarees being of the length of a whole six to seven yards, it is easy to make a floor-length gown out of it.

And if you’re wondering how you can transform old Kanjeevaram’s into anarkalis or gown, take a look at this shiny and glorious anarkalis made out of Kanjeevaram silk cloth.

3. Make fashionable jacket from Old Saree:

Reuse old saree to make jacket
Wearing over-coats or jacket over kurtis and dresses are trending these days. So why not make a gorgeous jacket for yourself out of the old sarees that have been left out. The better they are, the better they’ll look on plain kurtis or crop top.

Since it is so rare to get good jackets, this is a great idea to use your old saree.

4. Reuse Old Saree to Make All-time favourite Skirt:

recycle saree to make skirts different skirts made from saree
Making skirts is perhaps the easiest way to revive old sarees while still retaining all their charm and beauty.

Long-flow skirts are the way to go but you can also go ahead and give short skirts a try.

Some beautifully ethnic skirts can be made out of silks whereas regular sarees can also be used to make some really pretty short or long skirts.

5. Make a blouse from Old Saree:

Create blouse from saree Convert old saree to make blouse
Like Crop tops / Blouses that can be used for lehenga or palazzo or pants, it can be used versatile and can be reused from old saree. Like you can take the pallu of saree and convert into a blouse for other saree or skirt.

6. Convert Old Saree into Kurti & Pallazzo:

Convert Old Saree to make Kurti & PallazzoReuse Old Saree to make Kurti & Pallazzo
If Kurtis are your go-to clothing, make Kurtis out of the old sarees that have been lying unused. Get creative while making the Kurti adding a fabric here and there and do a bit of designing so that it looks modern.

You can even use your old sarees to make excellent, festive Kurtis and other sarees to make simpler Kurtis.

7. Reuse old Saree to make Short Trendy Dress:

Convert Saree into designer dress Convert Old Saree to make dress
Dresses that are made out of silk saree or any other handwoven silk-like chanderi or banarasi are all the rage now.

Not just in India but throughout the world. So go ahead and make a saree dress out of all the old sarees that you were going to throw away.

You can make a skater dress, a formal dress, a cocktail dress, or a maxi dress out of these sarees. Here’s a beautiful collection of saree dresses to give you ideas. Go ahead and get creative!

8. Create Simple but Elegant Dupatta from Old Saree:

Convert Old Saree into dupatta Reuse Old Saree to make dupatta
If the sarees aren’t in good shape, you can still use them without throwing them away by making dupattas out of them and least of all – scarves.

Kanjeevaram and other silks make for some lovely dupattas while sarees made out of lighter fabrics can be used to make scarves.

The way silk dupattas have caused a sensation in the world of fashion is unavoidable.

Be it sarees, salwar suits, Kurtis, lehengas, or any other traditional outfit, carrying an attractive hefty silk dupatta with a collection has become a trend.

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