Convert Men’s Old Kurta & Sherwani Into Jackets, Dress, Kurtis

It may sound ridiculous, but haven’t you ever felt guilty about all the old and unused clothes lying at the back of your wardrobe? It’s even worst when it comes to Indian wear because the options to reuse are more than a few.

Well, that’s where you’re wrong. We all have so many types of old kurtas especially heavy one after the ceremony, we’ve barely used – from forgotten kurta, indo-western sherwani, and what not. Here are some awesome tips on how to renew old kurtas in so many trendy ways.

Read on to transform your traditional essential into super stylish looks.

Reuse Kurta/ Sherwani to Make Women’s jacket

Make Women Jackets from Mens Outfits

You can make this from kurta or heavy sherwani it will look absolutely stunning with the pair of palazzo pants and crop top.

Just take your handy scissors and cut from the middle front of kurta and restitch with using needle and thread or glues the open seams and you are done.

Reuse Old Indo western sherwani to Make a fitted dress

Make Women Dress from Mens Indo western

It seems the perfect opportunity to try new styles and ways to get a whole new wardrobe, if your brother, husband or dad does not want to reuse their old kurtas then you can totally alter it to a new fitted dress.

You can wear it to both semi-formal and traditional festive seasons with the right pair of leggings and dupatta.

Make a short Kurti From Old Men’s kurta

Make Kurtis from Mens Kurta

This is my absolute favorite one, I like to convert the heavy kurtas or sherwani into short Kurti for myself, this is the perfect way to get new ethic clothes for day-day college or office lifestyle.

You just need to find the right pair of pants, leggings, or jeans to go with this Kurti, and you are done with your look.

Convert Old Men’s Kurta into kids clothes

Convert Mens Kurta into Kids Kurtis

This is a clever idea for reusing old kurtas, sherwani or even your saree or lehenga choli.  Kids are growing every year and we certainly don’t want to spend so much money on buying new heavy traditional clothes for kids.

What you can do is with just a few alterations you can reuse your old clothes and turn into a new one for your child.

Reuse Old Kurta to Make high and low Kurti dress

Reuse old kurta to make women Kurti

Kurta into a high and low dress or Kurti, you can change old oversize kurta with just cutting some inches above the front.

Restitch the seams then you can refit according to your body at your waist and arms just pair it with jeans, leggings or wear it as a dress and you are good to go.

Use the embellishment as decorative pieces

Create Decorative Pieces from Mens Wedding Outfits

Using your sherwani’s embroidery or your heavy silk kurta’s patches as a statement piece. For denim, not just for a jacket but also you can use it for your jeans, dresses, purses and what not, imagination is unlimited.

You can create a whole new outfit for your self but using those embellishment patches.

Make a Vest out of old Mens kurtas

Reuse Old mens wedding outfits to make Vest

When you have tones of old kurtas which are torn down from sides or any area of a kurta or some are stained because you are too busy eating buffet.

What you can do is just cut the good fabric from that kurta and stitch it together. You can create a jacket, handbag, skirt, dress anything you like to do with it imagination is endless.

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