Trending Collar Neck Blouses Designs

Today,  I am going to show you the top Collar Neck Blouses designs that most designers are making for the top Bollywood Actress in India.

These are mainly worn in this decade by high fashion-leaders and people with a fashionable image to set and maintain their status as a fashion style leader, to be followed.

Collar neck blouses have a good impression and acceptance in the industry of fashion leading a trend of a variety of such designed blouses.

Collar Neck Design

Wearers get inspired by the designer’s collection from ramp walk and from celebrities who carry this classy Collar neck blouses pattern as a trend. People get their blouses tailored from their regular tailors as replicas or from fine designers to either customize it or to have the same replica of the original piece.

Sarees with elegance and simplicity are combined with these types of Collar neck blouses pattern to increase its attraction and more highlight towards the creation of the blouse.

Know the best tips to select the right saree blouse according to saree fabric, event, and functions.

The fashion of high neck blouses has made a successful comeback in this decade since 2012 as a leading trend of collar neck blouse patterns.

Collar Neck Blouses

The creation is vast and has many other sub designs in the collar patterns. The built-up neck pattern is also worn by the women showing high profile as it shows class.

Latest Collar Neck Blouses Designs

Deepika Padukone in Collar Neck Blouse.

Deepika in Collar Neck blouse

Shriya Saran in Collar Neck Sleeveless Blouse

Shriya in Sleeveless Saree Blouse with Collar Neck

  • Patterns like V-shaped collar neck patterns and u-shaped collar patterns are merged with more factors for making it unique in terms of fashion.
  • Flat collar patterns give a casual yet presentable look to the sari. In the same manner, the short collars (Nehru Patti collar) blouses are also available to either combine an elegant or casual sari.

6-sonakshi-sinha in Saree wearing collar neck blouse

  • Stand collars are a charm for all, as can be played with by designing and have many attributes to be customized, either taking the neck at the back with a back neck pattern either giving a different cut of the neckline, chine collars are basics of stand collars, but the stand collar does not suit all women in general but it’s more suitable to women with long neck structure.

Best Blouse Neck Designs

Collar Neck Blouse Designs from South India fashion

  • The embroideries used in these patterns make this pattern more unique by its placement sections, or to give the collars embroidery by dominance, or to stick to it, complimenting it in an isolation pattern.

Stand Collar Blouse Designs from South India Fashion

  • Either using buttons on a flap collar blouse or by giving a back center seam to the collar at the back.

Well, these are the some best collar neck blouse designs styles available on the market, You can ask your designers or tailor to make the best blouse that you can wear with a saree at any wedding or party.

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