Black Saree Combination

Black Saree can be sophisticated, daring and charming at the same time. Colour black can also give the illusion of lightening the skin tone two times brighter, there is a black saree for every kind of woman out there from the bold and sheer sarees.

It is proven that wearing black makes you look slimmer. Neuroscientists say it’s in the way our eyes see the colours. From the tips to the trends, the laws to the faux pas, fashion is always changing, but one rule remains the same: Wearing black makes you look skinnier.

There are simple cotton black sarees for office wear, flattering printed ones for lighter evening outings, dazzling ones for parties, priceless handloom saris in black, contemporary variants like half-and-half saris, dhoti sarees and so on. 

Here are 8 of those combinations for black sarees that will sum up your requirement for all sorts of possibilities:

Blouse Combination for Black Saree

Let us talk about the style of blouse first in 2021 the blouse trends are as follow:

  • Deep V neck with half sleeves: This design I am been seeing all over the internet, Pinterest everywhere the deep V with heavy embroidery. 
  • Off-shoulder Sweet Heart Neck Line: We all love this trend sweetheart neckline is coming back and we are seeing this everywhere on dresses, kurti and saree blouse.
  • Backless blouse: Latest trend in Manish Malhotra’s blouse which Sara Ali khan wore on his photoshoot. Oh! girl’s this is a trend 
  • Cold Shoulder Blouses: From brides to teenagers, there has been none who didn’t fall for this trend!

Now let’s talk about the colour trends right now the latest trends in combination for black saree are the black saree with gold, red, black or pink. 

Matching Border for Black Saree

For matching border with a black saree you can add the simple gold border to your plain black saree or heavy embroidery like you can see on the photo, also you can add a border to your sleeves. I am also loving this trend where you can add ruffer to your whole saree and sleeves. 

What Jewellery goes with a Black saree?

black saree

Silver long chains and stone jewellery looks better with a black saree. Like all the celebrity they don’t wear any neckpiece with their designer black saree but only one piece of jewellery is enough like an earring or heavy bangles or a dominant neckpiece.

Just like that, you can also wear something similar next time you wear a black saree.  

Like it is shown in the picture I just love all pieces on black saree and of course, you can mix and match with so many different styles and neckpiece. 

Special occasions to wear a Black saree

black saree

At social Gatherings – Evening/Family Get-Togethers: 

Social events like parties, cocktails & other evening get-togethers are a great way to show off your newly purchased black saree. Many women prefer wearing a netted saree as it resembles marvellous in the evening get-together.

Business Meetings – Rock the Formal Look with Elegance office-goers do not want added complexity to their already stressed work schedule.

Weddings – For a Black Saree Traditional Look. A Black Saree is one of the most preferred wedding outfits for women these days. While black was considered inauspicious in the past, modern thinking has brought about basic changes in cultures & traditions.

Matching footwear for Black saree

The world is going crazy about block heels no matter where we go we see them on social media and why not they are perfect to wear the whole day, they can be stylish, they can be embellished and they come in many different styles and shapes. 

This type of heels is perfect for black saree and today’s trend in 2021.

Celebrity in Black Sarees 

Like it is shown in the picture the celebrities in black saree there are so many celebrities in black sarees but we have chosen these three with their unique style statements and designs we just love them.

Deepika Padukone is the epitome of beauty who stands a notch above all her competitors every time she steps out. The ‘Padmaavat’ actress is a pro in draping up six yards of fabric with utmost perfection. With an envious height, dimples to die for and an unparalleled charm, Deepika is a true delight. 

Recently, the stunner wore a black saree to an event and since she has never put her wrong foot forward in making a public appearance in a saree, the diva nailed it again. With a full-sleeved glittery blouse and her tresses tied up into a bun, Deepika looked ethereal.

Latest Trends in Black Sarees

Organza and sequences are the latest trends in 2021 we just love this look like Shilpa Shetty in black saree with white checks blouse designed in off-shoulder style.

Black saree matching lipstick

Makeup has an important aspect which includes a perfect pout sort of lipstick. Lipsticks are the most wearable makeup for girls. Black sarees compliment so many lipsticks but some of them are the must-haves. Lipstick obsession in girls is real and one should always grab the perfect lipstick for a black saree. 

The best lipstick for a black saree is the one which you can definitely rock with other black dresses as well. As shown in the pictures this look is perfect for a black saree.