Latest hair brushes and hair combs collection 2018

Hair Brushes

In this post I would like to share about hair brushes and Hair combs. Everybody think that its very easy to choose right hair brushes but in reality its tough to find right hair brushes.

I cannot believe there was a time when I used to use a comb. How ancient is that? Quite. Recently I saw my grand mom struggling with a comb and I immediately started the search for the right bristles, barrels and brush shape for her.

Hair Combs

The right permutation and combination of bristles, barrels and brush shapes

A hair brush is a styling tool after all and I use two-one for days when I want to enhance my curls and one for when I want to underplay the curls. Let us together dive into the world of this most basic styling tool and see what’s in store.

100 % Pure Wild Boar Bristle Hair Brush, Model PW1-$32.50

This is one premium hair brush made in Germany. This German company has been making hair brushes for last 100 years. It has a pear wood handle which can be used for fine to medium hair.

The size of the brush is 2 inches(width) x 8.75 inches (length) and its bristles are quite firm. The bristles are the same way that human hair are-anti static.

To ensure static control you should smooth the hair with your palm after every stroke of the brush or you could also apply a leave in conditioner into the hair before brushing.

Once again-this brush is made for medium to fine hair and for thick hair you will have to brush by separating different sections of the hair.

Styling essentials natural boar bristles hair brush, round comb 2.4 inch-$12.80

This is a professional quality hair brush which makes the hair look shiny.  It is anti static, anti bacterial and gives a smooth finishing.

xtava 44mm double bristle body brush-essential salon quality round brush with natural boar and synthetic nylon bristles.-$14

The length of the brush is 9.5 inches. There are differently sized Nylon and Boar bristles for different purposes like detangling and adding shine.

The whole thing has a diameter of 1.5 inches and a circumference of 3 inches. The handle is made up of wood.

Scalp master shampoo brush, purple-$3.50

This is a long lasting brush that comes with a finger hole.

Wet Brush 2 piece original detangler hair brush, pink and purple-$15.99

These brushes have soft and flexible bristles that detangle hair very easily. These can be used by men, women and children alike because they are made for all hair types.

These work well even when you are wearing a wig or have got hair extensions done.

Wet Brush Pro Paddle Hair brush, blackout- $9.99

This is one of the brushes that I use.

This tames my curls and glides through the hair whilst combing out tangles effortlessly.

I use it to brush my hair even when it is wet .

It is perfect for the high thickness of my hair.

Disney Minnie Brush and Comb set $4.50

For my baby I use this brush and comb set. My daughter used to hate it when I combed I hair but now with this charming Minnie mouse design she finds it exciting.

The bristles are meant for kids  and are pretty soft.

Suprent Nano Thermal ceramic and ionic round barrel hair brush with boar bristle, 2 inch-$16.99

This is the second brush that I use. It spreads sebum to each hair strand which makes the hair less frizzy.

It works on nano ionic technology which adds shine to the hair. It makes my curls look more beautiful.

This is the only brush to come with a 100 % guarantee of money back or a replacement guarantee in case you don’t like it.

Conair Velvet Touch Paddle hair brush-$4.49

The handle allows for comfortable control and the cushion base allows stress free brushing.

It doesn’t pull your hair because of its ball tipped bristles.

It is the perfect brush if you want your hair to look poker straight and smooth.

Denman cushion brush nylon bristles, 9 row-$10.95

This is the brush I can vouch for the most because it has nine rows of nylon pins which make thick hair look under control.

Happy shopping!

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Heavy wedding & party wear embroidery saree designs & Collection

Embroidered Sarees

The embroidery sarees are the true Indian attire which are still loved by everyone and having the strong tradition. Ladies lover wearing embroidery sarees in wedding and party.

South India have got the pride to spot the origin of sarees and later it has been spread all over India .and now abroad.

Most embroidered sarees have been recognised for their distinctiveness for the reason that the fabrics made use of in weaving them and the type of toil made on them is not often available.

A handful of the textiles that have been a sizzling most wanted fashion designers for creating fashionable embroidered sarees are silk, chiffon, crepe and georgette. Each material pointed out here has its own significance.

Georgette, chiffon and crepe embroidery sarees allow the women to appear slimmer and holds close the body fine, whereas, the silk sarees are recognised for their royal look. As its popularity grew by leaps and bounds, Sarees gradually become a symbol of India’s legacy, worldwide.

We all know that embroidered sarees are extraordinary clothing that makes women look extra ordinary. No wonder nothing represents India’s rich heritage as much as, this attire does. 

Order saree cover for embroidered sarees to give a longer life.

It is considered to be auspicious and worn at important functions and occasions. You can find these sarees made to order from whichever fashion designer or a tailor from boutique.

The originality drawn in sarees has transformed the fashion industry to such a degree that their order is escalating day by day. The fashion conscious women love to emulate such designs to appear stunning in fashionable embroidered sarees.

Embroidery Saree

The six long yard fabric draped around artistically still remains a mystery to most. Bollywood embroidered sarees are the most emerging trends among young girls.

They attempt to change into styles that are being motivated from the most recent Bollywood film that is out. The corresponding blouse fabric can be designed as indicated by your likes and dislikes and the approach you would be inclined to display it.

Celebrity Style Embroidered Sarees

It’s a wonderful fashionable see through saree to be precise more appropriate for evening parties. Industry Experts say that most of the young generation Indian women admired by bollywood sensation sarees and wear it only on special occasions.

View Embroidered Sarees

You can even state that embroidered sarees are one of the beautiful clothing for women and something that can still cover up just about all the body parts entirely.

embroidery designer sarees display an assortment of embellishments such as embroidery, stonework, decorations, bead work etc.

Each designer conceptualise a saree in a different way and create her unique creation to catch the eye of a buyer.

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Pure bhagalpuri silk sarees designs

Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees

Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees is most popular indian sari all over the globe.

I have seen the huge demands of Silk fabric saree in India compared to other sarees like Georgette, chiffon and Net fabric .

Today in this post I  want to share some facts about queen of all silk sarees ” Bhagapuri Silk saree ) So keep reading till end.

I will share how much it cost to have bhagalpuri silk saree, where you can purchase, weight of the saree and much more. So keep reading and don’t forget to share your thoughts in comments.

From where Pure Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees Come?

From the research and wikipedia information I come to know that Bhagalpuri silk sari was designed and created almost 200 years ago. Wow! its crazy a old trend is back it to the market.

Bhagalpuri Silk Saree Collection

Well, the origin of Bhagalpuri silk sarees  is was started from  the small town of bihar known as Bhagalpur  which is situated on the southern banks of river Ganga.

Bhagalpuri sarees is also famous as  tussar silk sarees.

Know the Weight of Bhagalpuri Sarees

When it comes to weight they are famous as lightweight sarees and easy to wear and provide great comfort. Bhagalpuri sari is designed with classic pallus that provide unique look to the saree.

How Bhagalpuri Silk Saree Manufactured?

All most original and pure bhagalpuri silk saree is hand printed. It is designed with natural vegetable dyes to give a natural color to sari. This make it different from the other art silk sarees.

Bhagalpuri silk sarees price range

Well many of us thinks that cost of purchasing bhagalpuri silk saree is higher, but this is not true. I have seen many website offering pure bhagalpuri silk sari With a price range of Rs 5000/- to Rs 15000/.

You can easily buy Bhagalpuri silk sarees online by just knowing trust and quality of website.  You can check website like cbazaar, utsavfashion, G3fashion, Amazon India, pothys and more.

Let me know in comments that what type of silk saree you preferred for wedding?

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3 Must have latest pathani kurta suits for Wedding & Party wear

pathani suits

A Pathani suits is wear with a matching salwar bottom. To get urban looks sometimes men use to wear tight fitting churidars with their kurta.

Pathani Kurta suits available in dark & light colours, shop premium quality pathani kurta suits in blue colour, black colour, white colour from cotton or linen fabric. When it comes to shopping men’s pathani kurta you have lots of choice.

Pathani suits is most comfortable, traditional, yet stylish outfit for mens. Men’s wear pathani kurta suit in parties, wedding, engagement and in reception.

Pathani suit price starts from Rs.1500 to 10,000+ depends on your choice of fabric. Linen pathani suit mostly find to be costly in Indian market.

Pathani suits
Pathani suits for Mens

If u are looking for best pathani suits online then you can look at utsav fashion, Manyavar, G3+ Fashion, Cbazaar, and Jadeblue website, they have extensive range of pathani suits collection.

Latest Pathani Kurta Suits Colours

If you are looking for latest pathani suit 2018 then I suggest Go with a white colour pathani suit, black color pathani kurta suit, blue colour pathani kurta suit, this colors are extremely trending and if you can see that most of the top bollywood celebrities love to wear such outfits.

Celebrity Wearing Pathani Kurta Suits

We have seen Celebrities like Ranbir kapoor, Saif ali khan, Ajay devgan, Salman khan love to wear kurta and suit.

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Grooms / Dulha / Mens Wedding Accessories & Jewellery Designs 2018

Groom Accessories & Jewlery

First you must have themed the wedding , from the style of traditional, royal, Rajasthani, beach wedding, to formal wedding so you must also plan your clothes in accordance with that as well as your accessories and jewellery.

Best Accessories & Jewellery for Indian Groom

Groom Long Kundan Mala

Kundan mala for groom

A long kundan mala can be worn for your sangeet, wedding or reception over a simple indo western or dhoti sherwani or a long sherwani. The sherwani not heaving much embellishment is a better choice to style the mala up.

Groom Pearl Mala

Pearl Mala for Groom

Add pearl mala which has a group of three strands or four over a sherwani jacket, short or normal. Occasions can be as wedding, reception or sangeet.

Groom Sherwani Brooch

Sherwani Brooch

A nice sherwani brooch which comes on the chest pocket side or by the placket can be added to any sherwani to add more glam.

Groom Kada

Kada for Indian Groom

Wearing a kada a plain kada that men do is a great choice for traditional and royal or Rajasthani weddings and it does look attractive.

Groom Wrist Watches

Watch Groom

In one wrist do wear a watch in metal of course, avoid the belts during these occasions. From formal weddings to Traditional you need to wear a stylish watch.

Groom Sword

Groom Sword

Carrying a sword maybe a tradition of Punjabi wedding, Rajasthani wedding, Sikh wedding so that will add the royal look to any groom.

Indian Groom boutonniere

Indian Groom boutonniere

Do wear a boutonniere which matches your wedding theme on your coat suits during the wedding ceremony, and do wear it for a beach wedding even if you have planned to go with the waistcoat look, add it to your waistcoat chest pocket.

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8 Types of Latest Men’s Wedding Turban & Paagdi designs 2018

The trending Royal Rajasthani destination weddings are not the only types of Indian weddings that require turbans or pagdis, every groom wants to match the pagdi with his look and what simply is in trend.

8 Different Types of Paagdi & Turban for Indian Groom

  1. Rajasthani Turbans

Rajasthani turbans for Indian Groom

Theses have their own lavish and statement look with more twists and turns to make it look large with more embellished brooches. These are worn by Rajasthani grooms or even a groom who has a royal wedding.

  1. Jodhpuri Turbans

Jodhpuri Turbans for Groom

This one is taller in shape and has one side layered and the other in twists but making it steeper as it goes up. A Small brooch is attached to don up the look. Mostly worn over Jodhpuris to add that traditional touch.

  1. Peshwai Turbans


During the rule of Marathas the Peshwas wore their kinds of rounded turband seen in the movie Bajirao Mastani lately which has also been inspiring more of the grooms to pick these kinds of turbans.

Made in contrasting fabric with much embellishment on it.

  1. Royal Turban

Royal Turban

This one must be a style of the princes of India, showing a different look from the long tail left out in the back and brought at the front and left freely.

These are made in soft silk fabrics or tissues too.

  1. Tissue Turbans

tissue turban for grooms

Made in any shape and style with a short tail which allows more comfort and is light weight. The weaving of the tissue adds more style from simple to checks and stripes.

Gives a very modern touch with simple indo westerns or sherwanis for the groom.

  1. Banarasi Turbans

Banarasi Turbans for Groom

Simply made of banarasi fabrics, which have bright colours and golden weaved buttis on these. These have plain layer on one side and other sides have twistings.

The tail may be longer or may have no tail when draped to look like one without it.

  1. Marwari Turbans

Marwari Turbans

These are the traditional kinds also which add colour to the whole outfit with Bandhej fabrics in maroon,red, orange, green , yellow, pink and more to bring out the wedding charm. The brooches are also added to glam the look.

  1. Mewari Turbans

Mewari turbans for Groom

This one is a different look for grooms, it has no tail hanging or no fan end on top. It is smaller and made with small thinner layers instead of twists.

The layers are like pleats overlapped one over the other like stair step.

Below are some Pagri Designs for Groom

Pagri for Groom

Now that we have got to know the kinds of turbans the groom can choose from let’s also check what accessories and jewelry groom needs.

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Mens / Grooms Wedding Footwear designs 2018

When it comes to Indian wedding occasions, Groom need to pay attention not only on his wedding clothes, Turban / Pagdi, Wedding Jewelry & Accessories,  Groom also Need to find the best footwear for the wedding occasions.

Grooms Latest Wedding Footwear designs 2017 

1. Kolhapuris chappals for Groom

kolhapuri men chappal

These are chappals originating from Kolhapur which make men footwear in leather or form of leather which have a a toe chappal design and belt in carvings or weaving patterns.

Colors like orange, maroon, browns, beige, white, black are common.

  1. Loafers for Groom

Loafers For Groom

A versatile piece of shoes for men, which can be worn over casuals and formals, but with edgy look for indian grooms, try a new version of suede and a embellished motif or weave motif.

This will go well with your indo western, kurtas and any other sangeet wear.

  1. Derby Shoes for Groom

Derby Shoes for Groom

Do invest in these formal shoes which are classic vintage fashion and has become a great trend even in Indian wear to style on these footwear with indowesterns, or waistcoat sets or your coat suits during your receptions or other occasions.

Brown is a safe colour to invest in or tan.

  1. Monkey Strap Shoes for Indian Groom

Monkey Strap Shoes

Another formal and English style of shoe choice to make for the wedding is this leather shoes which comes in a overlapped broad strap like a belt over the foot with buckles.

Wear these for your coat suits or for the royal look in short sherwani style indo western look.

  1. Jodhpuri Jutti for Groom

Jodhpuri Jutti for Groom

These are in the traditional form and not like the classic shoes. These are also known as juttis, and can be worn over heavy groom’s attire to the light kurta & pyjama.

Match the loafers style and color as per your clothes from cream, red, maroon, gold, orange, and many more in embellished shades to styles in pointed, curved pointed, belted point and plain rounded point loafers for the Indian groom are trending today.

  1. Punjabi Mojari for Groom

 Punjabi Mojari for Groom

Beautiful elegant traditional all comes together with these kind of mojris which can have strapped tops or flat rounded in phulkari work fabric covering the whole shoe.

Pair this with anything traditional from your pujas to wedding ceremonies.

  1. Sandals for Groom

Sandals for Groom

A basic simple leather skin chappals, which are made in form of ankle belt to be worn as sandals over your kurtas, waistcoat sets, or even kurta pyjamas. Keeping it simple and comforting these are great for wedding occasions.

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Latest Mens Wedding wear Clothes 2018

Groom Clothes

When it comes to wedding occasions, even men need to pay attention to the little things that are to be done for the wedding from ceremonies to dressing and grooming. Indian Grooms on the other hand have lots to take care of as they also have to attend more than one ritual during their wedding.

We will be covering the little details from grooming, Wedding Paagdi,  Wedding clothes, Wedding footwear, Wedding Jewllery and accessories and more for the Indian groom and what really he should choose form color, style as per his occasions.

Latest Groom’s Clothes 2017

We will be looking at the types of colors and styles one should carry for his wedding as per the trend 2017 and also as per the occasion of ceremonies.

Indian grooms attire

Latest Sherwani designs 2017 for Groom

The main sherwani for the groom needs to be something which is catchy and as per trend with a little bit of statement style of embroidery. Go for colors like golden, maroon, white or cream.

The sherwani can be a have a new neck cut lapel or a simple straight cut placket with work along the edges or a sherwani and dhoti.

Fabrics best are the embossed velvet or zari weave velvet, brocade, jamawar, plain jute silk or raw silk and also linen or a weaved fabric.

Latest Indo Western Sherwani Designs 2017

A great way to wear your reception or sangeet outfit is with more trends like a indo western sherwani which would be a short length sherwani jacket and in plain or different weave patterned fabric. Worn in a short jacket style over a inner short kurta and pants.

Jacket Sherwani 2017

A luxurious fashion attire for the groom would be using royal fabrics like chikankari sherwani jacket, crochet Sherwani jacket or the historical popular angarakha style sherwanis and also the sherwani with a cummerbund.

For a function which requires a grand look, also try the pastels as they are in, go for peach and nudes with prints or plain. A Light blue patterned jacket sherwani and bottoms are a great choice for the reception.

Velvet bandhgala jacket with Big Golden Buttons for Parties & Reception

The black hue is not much worn at weddings but a good art for your cocktail party or reception, the velvet bandhgala jacket with Big Golden Buttons would work wonders for a classic all time fav look.

plain black kurta pyjama embroidered red or maroon stole

Also try a plain black kurta pyjama with an embroidered red or maroon stole for your sangeet for any other casual ceremony at the wedding.

Groom Pathani suits & kurta suits for Pujas, Mehendi or haldi

Keep the look simple for pujas, mehendi or haldi for a groom, go with light shades and yellow tints for this in pathani suits, kurta suits or even try the waistcoat sets to look like a well groomed groom.

Every style will need to have a nice look with grooming from hair cut, a suitable beard shave or trim and also some nice accessories to match your look like watches, a cuff or just a plain mala on your neck.

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Latest Kareena kapoor Khan sarees collection 2018

When it comes to sarees love how anyone can forget kareena kappor name. Bollywood Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan wears beautiful sarees In awards, parties, wedding reception and more. We bring some of the best designer sarees wear by kareena kappor khan.

Kareena Kapoor Style Orange Saree at FICCI Frames 2013 Inauguration

Kareena Kapoor Style Orange Saree at FICCI Frames 2013 Inauguration

 Kareena kappor at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

She wore a lovely embroidered saree made of sequins, resham and patch work.  The patched border added to the look of the saree.

Kareena kappor wear sequins saree at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum


Kareena Kapoor in Manish malhotra red saree

kareena kappor khan wear this beautiful red saree at Rohit Shetty’s sister Mahek Shetty’s Wedding Reception

Kareena Kapoor in Manish malhotra red saree

Kareena Kapoor In Pink And Grey Saree At Nach Baliye

Kareena Kapoor promotes Gori Tere Pyaar Main on Nach Baliye 6


Kareena Kapoor Off White & Gold Lace Border Designer Saree

Kareena Kapoor Off White & Gold Lace Border Designer Saree

Kareena Kapoor wear Red saree in Ra.One Movie chumak challo song

Kareena Kapoor wear Red saree in Ra.One Movie chumak challo song


Kareena Kapoor at the Big Star Entertainment Awards

Kareena Kapoor at the Big Star Entertainment Awards

Kareena Kapoor in Sougat Paul Sari 2013 Filmfare Cover Launch

Kareena Kapoor in Sougat Paul Sari 2013 Filmfare Cover Launch

Kareena Kapoor Pink Saree

Kareena kapoor khan wear a designer look beautiful pink half and half saree with v Neck black blouse.

Kareena Kapoor in beautiful pink and black designer half and half saree

Kareena Kapoor Black Blouse and White Saree

Kareena kapoor wear a trending black sleeveless blouse and white blue mixed color saree on the occasion of Music Launch of the movie Lekar Hum Deewana Dil

Kareena Kapoor Stunning Black Blouse and White Saree at Music Launch of Lekar Hum Deewana Dil

Kareena Kapoor Green color Saree

Kareena kapoor khan wear awesome green colour saree in wedding reception function of at Ritesh Deshmukh and  Genelia.

Kareena Kapoor in Green Saree at Ritesh - Genelia wedding repception

Kareena Kapoor In Blue Saree

Kareena kapoor khan wear a decent beautiful blue color saree in Promoting Satyagraha movie.

Kareena Kapoor In Blue Saree Promoting Satyagraha

Kareena Kapoor Black Saree

She wear a Black Transparent Saree at Imran Khan and Avantika Wedding Reception

Bollywood Actress Kareena Kapoor wear Black Transparent Saree at Imran Khan and Avantika Wedding Reception


Kareena Kappor in Green Net Sarees

Kareena Kappor in Green Net Sarees


Kareena Pink Saree

Kareena Pink Saree


Kareena kapoor Red Net saree 3 idiots Promotion

Kareena kapoor Red Net saree 3 idiots Promotion


Kareena Kapoor Khan Looks Stunning In A Saree At Lakme Fashion Week

Kareena Kapoor Khan Looks Stunning In A Red Saree At Lakme Fashion Week


Kareena kapoor at soha ali khan wedding

Kareena kapoor at soha ali khan wedding


Kareena kapoor baby pink and purple saree

Kareena kapoor baby pink and purple saree


Kareena Kapoor Off White Net Saree At Asia Vision Radio Awards

Kareena Kapoor Off White Net Saree At Asia Vision Radio Awards

Kareena Kapoor at Indian Idol Grand Finale

Kareena Kapoor at Indian Idol Grand Finale


Saree Draping Tips Learn  how to drape Saree like Kareena Kappor

So this are all the beautiful sarees wear by kareena kappor khan. Whether she wear black saree, red saree, green saree, white saree or beige saree she look awesome. Love towards wearing net sarees make her hot and sexy.

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Shruti Haasan Sarees Collection 2018

Sruti Hassan Sarees Collection

Shruti Haasan was born on 28 January 1986 and She is an Indian film actress and also known as singer. Shruti Haasan is a daughter of top actor Kamal Haasan and Sarika Thakur.

We have collected some best sarees that Shruti Haasan has wear in awards, movies, and some events.

Shruti Haasan Sarees Collection 2017

Shruti Haasan in Beige Saree

Shruti Haasan in Beige Saree

Telgu Actress Sruthi Haasan Wear new black saree

Sruthi Hasan new stills in black saree

 Style Tips – Learn How to Look Slim in Saree Like Shruti Hassan

Shruti Haasan Orange saree

Sruthi Hasan Orange saree

Shruti Haasan Pink Shimmer Saree

Sruthi Hassan Pink Shimmer Saree

Shruti Haasan Sarees Collection from gabbar singh Movie

Sruthi Hassan Gabbar Singh Back Movie Saree

Shruti Haasan in Traditional Saree

Shruti Hassan in Traditional Saree

Shruti haasan black designer saree

Shruti hasan black designer saree

Shruti Haasan in Plain Red Saree

Shruti Hassan in Plain Red Saree

Shruti Haasan in Payal Singhal Saree

Shruti Hassan in Payal Singhal Saree

Shruti Haasan in Satya Paul Saree

Shruti Hassan in Satya Paul Saree

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